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Energy industry

2016-09-29 18:24:47 REOMAX Electronic Technology co., LTD Read
Solar energy refers to the modern transformation and utilization of direct solar radiation can use modern technology; Generalized solar in addition to including special solar include indirect gain to the sun's energy, such as flow caused by solar radiation atmosphere, wind energy, coal formation in ancient plants, etc.
REOMAX fuse, the main products have get UL, cUL, VDE, CCC, CQC, CE, PSE, KTL, ROHS and other international safety certification. Our products are widely used in power supply, switching power supply, chargers, transformers, computers, telephones, household appliances, communication products, lighting products, toys, LED energy-saving lamps, instruments and meters, electronic equipment, boards, solar electric power equipment, industrial control equipment, all kinds of instruments and all kinds of electrical cables, electrical electronics, IT, consumer electronics, automotive,